To connect your device to a Wi-Fi

  1. Connect your Echo device to a power outlet
  2. Open the Alexa App
  3. On the left navigation panel, select settings
  4. Choose set up a new device
  5. Hold down the action button until there’s an indication of an orange light
  6. Select your Wi-Fi network
  7. Enter your Wi-Fi network password
  8. Choose connect to your Echo, then it is ready to use

But if the problem persist or you have trouble connecting to your Wi-Fi network or after connecting it keeps disconnecting, here are some suggestion to get you out of the problem

  1. Restart your router and Echo device

You can try rebooting your devices, both router and Echo, by switching off and unplugging your Wi-Fi modem. Then switch it on hopefully it gets connected

  1. Connecting to the right network

There might be lots of connections at your place, so you have to verify if it is connected to the right network. You can do these by confirming the Wi-Fi name it is connected to. In Alexa App, you can’t pick forget a Wi-Fi network, you can either turn off the router, change password, reset Echo Alexa device and restart the setup process again

  1. Update your Wi-Fi password:

Password might be entered wrongly, or password might have been changed by you or someone else, if this is so, you need to update your password by going to your Echo device settings in the Alexa app, tap “Change” next to Wi-Fi, then follow the on-screen instruction to setup Wi-Fi

  1. Do not hide your Wi-Fi network

Hiding your network sometimes stops the connection to your echo device, it is preferable to unhide your network and reconnect your device

  1. Simplify your password

Simplify your password b not using complex special characters, for smart gadgets, they really don’t like complex password and sometimes Alexa App password should also be simplified

  1. Update your Alexa App

Try updating your Alexa App, old App could also be the reason to your App not responding

  1. Change your Wi-Fi frequency band

Echo is designed to connect at Wi-Fi bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Switching to the later helps, therefore, define both bands clearly from the router settings and connect phone and also Echo device to the same band

  1. Change router security

At times Wi-Fi router security type to either WPA or WPA2 only, it varies from router to router, so check to see your type of router model and follow the instructions

  1. Remove Wi-Fi extender

At times Wi-Fi extender does not work with echo device though its purpose is to increase Wi-Fi range. It sometimes does not work for Echo device, its better off connecting to your Wi-Fi directly

If all the above does not work you will have to take to resetting your Echo device which will restore it to factory setting, this takes you to the scratch where you need to start all over again