Echo Show Setup

Like a TV you can Talk To

Alexa Echo Show Settings

Echo Shows , like we say , is an ECHO with 10- inches HD touchscreen display unlike earlier version which had 7 inch screen . This time with better interface and dolby processing .You can ask alexa to display lyrics of the song or watch live sport or TV . With all these , you can also enjoy video calling with your loved ones with alexa app , an echo spot , or echo show. Currently it does not support skype . Echo show can prove to be your new kitchen mate , can help you watch any recipe you wish to .

You can adjust a few Alexa Echo Show Settings and pair the Echo Show to Bluetooth devices.

You will also be able to set up zigbee devices without the need of separate hub , and ask alexa to show you the front door camera which has 2- way audio . Show is induced with far-field technology and 8 microphones which means better sound quality , so basically , alexa can hear you while music is on .


Simple Steps for setup your Alexa devices


Some Features Second Generation Introduced

  • Bigger screen
  • New improved user interface
  • No separate hubs required
  • Prime video content with Hulu subscription