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How to Install Echo Look

Amazon has launched another alexa enabled device called ECHO LOOK combined with hands free camera , LED lightning and voice activated camera . It uses the computer vision to automatically blur the background and focus your photo and your outfit when you say “Alexa take a picture or a video “ . you can also compare your outfit by using style check service from Echo Look app, it then collects all your videos and photos in order to create a lookbook of your wardrobe so that you can plan your outfit accordingly .

It not only takes full length photos but you can also create 6 second video , get 360 degree view of your outfit in the app , Organise your wardrobe according to the weather , or occasion . And on the top of all these , it will also provide style suggestions from some great fashion experts

Apparently it is compared to the iphone’s portrait mode but it is based more on algorithms than camera lenses unlike any other iphone . Echo Look is super secure ,all your photos and videos are stored in AWS cloud and in your echo look app until you delete them .

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How to Install Echo Look


Simple Steps for setup your Alexa devices


Something You Should Know:

  • It does not support calling or messaging with alexa
  • Does Not support bluetooth connectivity