Both models are Amazon speakers that can be used not only to play music but also acts as a personal assistant. The cost of tap is about $50 lesser than Amazon Echo device but echo takes the lead in terms of smart

For outdoor music, Tap can be chosen while for home experience, Echo should be considered. Echo is always on to receive commands while for Tap; you will have to tap and ask to start working

Let’s talk about what we found out about this two devices


The Tap device is much smaller in size and weighs lesser to the Echo device. Tap is about 6.2*2.6*2.6 inches and 16.6 ounces in weight while Echo is about 9.25*3.27*3.27 inches and weighs 26.8 ounces. Though from the outside, they both look similar. Both are slim, cylindrical back in colour and both has a blue illuminating light

Tap is designed to be carried around while Echo device is designed to be static

Wake command

They are both equipped with ‘Alexa” they don’t only play music, they also look up information and complete task based on commands given like, reading the news, ordering pizza, weather reports etc.

Although for Tap, you have to Echo Tap and ask but for Echo, thanks to features like across the room voice recognition where you are able to talk across the room and acts as commanded


Both can play music with Wi-Fi streaming using some of the most popular services like Spotify, TuneIn, Pandora, Prime music, Pandora with a 360 degree Omni- directional audio which gives good audio sound

Tap and Echo can be paired with smart phones using Bluetooth. But in tap, you have to tap the microphones by the sides, while Echo device is hands free

Power source

Echo uses a 6 foot power cable while Tap is powered with a battery and can stay for 9 hours if fully charged on continuous playback


Tap retail price on Amazon is around $129.99 while for Echo device is $179.99. You are also eligible for free delivery when you register as an Amazon prime member