Well both the devices come with built-in omnidirectional microphones which are specifically designed so that they pick up your voice when you are away in a room. But there are few differences between both.

Not only omnidirectional but they both come with a voice-controlled assistant too. You can ask Alexa to do a number of things for you from doing math problems to checking the weather or turning on lights etc. If you wish to customize or want to create your own skills, that’s pretty much easy and possible. All you need to do is say your wake up word which is “Alexa “ by default but you can change it to whatever you want to.  whereas the Echo has 7 microphone array and Dot Has only 4.

There are a lot of smart technologies available in the market that go well with Echo and Dot. Either it is Philip hue light system or nest thermostats. You can control everything via one app that is Alexa app which is available in your app store or google store depending upon the device you’re using.

SIZE, PORTABILITY, AND LOOKS: Both the devices are almost the same in diameter but the current versions available in the market are different in size.  Second gen Echo is 3.4 inches whereas Third gen Dot is 3.9 inches in diameter

Also, Echo is taller, heavier and has a different look more of cylindrical than Echo Dot. Dot is much
lightweight and looks like a hockey puck whereas Echo is heavier in weight than compared to its predecessors. ait almost weight 10.6 oz. The recently released version is 1.8 pounds heavier than the previous one.

Talking about height, Both have a fraction of difference. Current dot stands at 1.7 inches and Echo at 5.8 inches. It is so portable that you can carry it with you in your handbag and bring it to your parties or place it anywhere in the room, or in a shelf

SOUND QUALITY: Both Echo and Dot have a built-in speaker but Echo has higher quality, it boasts better and larger, it has a 360-degree speaker with Dolby processor for crisp and better sound quality  Dot has improved the sound quality than previous devices and sounds louder than previous ones. But both support 3.5mm jack to use external speaker using a cable.

LOOK AND FEEL: If you are worried about how it would look with your interior then you need not be worried. Echo comes in 6 different shades whereas Dot comes in charcoal, gray and sandstone.

so matching it with home decor will not be an issue.

COST: Cost is obviously the key factor while buying one. Dot is comparatively cheaper which half the price of the Echo.

CONCLUSION:  The major difference is the sound quality of both devices. If you are new to Alexa and using it for fun, you should go for Echo but if you looking for better sound, and a great experience for you and your kids, you go for ECHO which is quite popular than the dot.